Take your alumni community to the next level

Alumniverse allows you to create an online platform to keep your alumni informed and connected

Dynamize your alumni community

Help your alumni keep in contact and meet other alumni. Organize events to enlarge the connections and spark collaboration between members.

Build a sense of belonging

Keep your alumni connected and informed to help them mantain their connections and feel part of your growing community.

Share your impact with the world

Extract meaningful information and generate statistics about your alumni's careers. Use this information to show the impact of your institution.

Keep in touch with your alumni and manage them easily and effectively

Create pages, posts, events, news, job offers and media galleries to keep the community connected. Help your alumni find others and visualize the community in an interactive map.


In the home section, you can share a summary of your alumni community and the platform.


In the directory, alumni can find other alumni.


In the interactive map, alumni can visualize the alumni community geographically.


In their profile, alumni can share personal and career information.


In the posts section, you can post news or updates related to your institution.


In the gallery, you can add photos of past events of the community.


In the calendar section, you can post events for the community.


In the board offers section, you can post job offers for your alumni.

Obtain information based on your needs and extract meaningful statistics

Use the administration panel to personalize the structure, aspect and user access rights to fit the needs of your alumni community. Define the information in the platform and the filtering interface to generate relevant statistics.


Personalize every page of the platform using our page editor.


Customize the different user categories and their rights inside the platform.


Define the structure by selecting and personalizing the different modules.


Personalize the global appearance of the platform to make it fit the image of your institution.


Search among all the members and generate statistics by filtering with customizable filters.


Define the structure of your alumni's profile.


Decide exactly what information you ask from your alumni.

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